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Barclay Boyd Hart

Thomas D Hart
14th December 2014
Ruby Irene Bernice Hart
14th December 2014

Barclay Boyd Hart Son of Thomas Hart

Born. 30 Jun 1875, Landwednack, Cornwall, England.

Died 1956 Arcola, Saskatchewan, Canada

Barclay sailed to Canada in 1891 and in the 1901 Census is working as a Cabinet Maker, lodging in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

For most of his life he worked on the Canadian Pacific Railway

Cornishman – Thursday 30 November 1893

A First-class Entertainment was given the Lizard reading-room Tuesday night under the management of Mr Barclay Hart. The hall and platform were tastefully decorated with flags and bunting, and the rector (Rev. C. S. Vyvyan) presided. The overture was played by Miss Ruby Hart and Mr Everme, and songs were sung by Mr Berry, Mr Theodore Hart, Miss E. Edwards, .Miss Ruby Hart, Mr Spencer, and Mrs Avery. The comic songs of Mr Theodore Hart, character. Were enthusiastically encored, whilst the singing of Miss Hart, Avery, and Miss Edwards was greatly admired. There was a good attendance, and the proceeds will be devoted to a fund being raised for the purpose of presenting the Lizard cricket-club with a pavilion.

Barclay died 1956 Arcola, Saskatchewan, Canada

Barclay Boyd Hart Son of Thomas Hart

Picture taken at his wedding

Arcola history

In 2003, Arcola celebrated its 100th anniversary, marking the fact that it predates the province by two years. Arcola is known as Saskatchewan’s “Heritage Town” due to its many historical brick and wood frame structures.[4]


Settlers in the area originally built a community known as Clare, located two miles northeast of where Arcola exists today, but almost all the buildings of Clare were moved when the CPR announced in the early part of 1900 that the railroad would run south of town. Arcola was the “end point” of the southern branch line running west from SourisManitoba for four years, during which time it became an important hub for westward migration. At one point it was the 11th largest town in what is now the province of Saskatchewan, but was then known as Assiniboia. With flourishing settlement and economic growth, many thought Arcola would achieve city status. It was during this heyday and using bricks made in the town’s own brick plant that many of today’s heritage homes and buildings were erected.,_Saskatchewan

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