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Tracey Dyke Hart

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14th December 2014
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Tracey Dyke Hart

Tracey Dyke Hart

Born. Sep 1870, Landwednack, Cornwall, England..

Tracy was an Artist

Tracey, the 5th Son of his Father Thomas Hart, the eminent Cornish Artist. Taught by his father and travelled with him to Exhibitions in England and Wales. Painted scenes in Odda Norway. Sold his work from an early age.

Lived for some time in the Hotel in Mullion, Cornwall, painting scenes from around The Lizard. Including this watercolour Lion Rock and Lizard Point.

Moved to Newquay Cornwall and painted a large volume of work on the North coast of Cornwall.

Left Cornwall to Live in Canada

He arrived in New York on the Majestic on 19th May 1910 and was held for special inquiry by agent Schlaar, reason LPC 10 :15 and then admitted

Tracey died 27th Aug 1930 Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Burial Place: Mountain View Cemetery  Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Mountain View Cemetery is the only cemetery in the City of VancouverBritish Columbia. Opened in 1886, it is located west of Fraser Street between 31st and 43rd Avenues. It is owned and operated by the City of Vancouver and occupies 0.43 square kilometres (110 acres) of land. Containing more than 92,000 grave sites and over 145,000 interred remains. The first interment took place on February 26, 1887. It was supposed to happen in January 1887 but poor weather, a new road, and a broken wagon wheel resulted in the intended first occupant being temporarily buried outside the cemetery. His body was relocated to inside the cemetery months later.

View His Work

Lake’s Falmouth Packet and Cornwall Advertiser – Saturday 03 September 1892

Lake’s Falmouth Packet and Cornwall Advertiser – Saturday 03 September 1892

 Royal Cornwall Polytechnic Exhibition.

“The Steeple Rock. Kynance Cove, Winter,” by Mr. T D Hart, the Lizard Mount,”

Cornishman – Thursday 07 September 1899

                                     MULLION REGATTA

Pair of paddles   l, T. Hart. The Lizard;    2. E. George; 3, Matthews.

Swimming race for ladies for a water colour painting offered by Mr T. Dyke Not Enough Ladies entered the race and Tracey did not give the award

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