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The Hart Family of the Lizard

Polbrean House - The home of the Hart family of artists

The Hart Family of the Lizard

The Hart’s of the Lizard are not your usual Victorian family as you will find out from their varied and interesting histories.

From the early days of Thomas Hart growing up in humble origins as the son of a Miner in Crowan, who moved in the 1830’s to Falmouth where he became a foreman.

Thomas develops his natural instinct for drawing and painting which enables him to gather funds to in the 1860’s build his own house in the envious position atop the cliffs of Lizard point, Lizard, Cornwall, surrounded by the outstanding natural beauty that dominates the subjects of his paintings.

The Hart Family of the Lizard

We follow the family across Europe as like so many others in the Victorian era travelled in search of knowledge and adventure from the icy cold of Norway’s dramatic landscapes to the hot and ancient histories of Italy.

We discover not only was Thomas a fantastically talented painter but also a pioneer in the developing field of photography. Understanding the interest and popularity of Carte De Visite he owned and ran a very successful shop in Plymouth, Devon in at least two locations, because of the position of theses shops he gained a lot of trade from people who were connected with the Royal Navy, and the upper classes passing his door

We find out that at least 8 of his children were accomplished artists mainly as watercolorists, but also as sculptors, with members of the family travelling around the country putting on exhibitions of their artworks as well as offering instruction in the art of painting and drawing.

Each member of the family has their own story to tell and you can find out about each of them by clicking on their name to the right.